İTÜ is an urban University with campuses located in central spots of Istanbul.   İTÜ’s campuses are located at Ayazağa, Gumussuyu, Taskısla, Macka and Tuzla. All Campuses offer public transport alternatives due to their locations.  There are 8 İTÜ bus lines on the European and 2 on the Anatolian side, including a Metro station which is located in front of the main Ayazaga campus.  The Taksim Metro station is of walking distance to the Taskısla and Gumussuyu campuses. The Taksim-Macka Cable Car Line is amongst the choices of transportation to the Taskısla and Macka campuses.  All campuses on the European side are linked by the metro line.  It is very easy to reach travel alternatives within the city such as, ferry, metro bus and tramway due to all the campuses being located in the city centre.  Istanbul’s traffic issue is an unchanging problem for metropolitan cities.  However, the campuses being based in the city center and the numerous transportation alternatives are a privilege to its students.


There is an established free ring service, in order to make transportation within the campus much easier.  There are ring services every 20 minutes between 07.30-00.00 during the academic year and between 18.00-00.00 hours during the summer school period. 



İTÜ provides its students high quality accommodation at the Ayazaga and Gumussuyu campuses. Almost four thousand students take advantage of the 2 mixed, 2 male and 9 female dormitories, totaling 13.  They provide students an opportunity to carry out their studies in comfortable and reliable conditions.  Dormitories have en-suite single, double and triple occupancy and are fitted with furniture. There are also study halls, laundry and ironing rooms, TV, telephone, internet, cafeteria, security facilities available.