Transportation and Accommodation

Transportation in Edirne is very easy and cheap. You can travel to Istanbul which is the largest city of Turkey by paying only 7.5 Euro.

Due to its geographical location, Edirne is the only Turkish city in European countries in which roundtrip can be provided by road rallying.

You can use the public transport in Edirne by paying EUR 0.35 (£ 1.15 Turkish Lira equivalent)

We host our students coming from abroad especially on their first days at our University guesthouse and at other guesthouse of the government in Edirne Our University supports our students until they can find permanent accommodation facilities.

There are five state dormitories in the central and district of Edirne.  The quotas for foreign students are allocated in the state dormitories. Apart from state dormitories, there are private dormitories, furnished-unfurnished rental houses and apartments.