In Sinop city center, transportation services are provided by minibuses and taxis. For students, minibus cost is 1.50 Turkish Liras. In addition to minibuses and taxis, our university provides a ring service to students, between the state dormitory and the academic departments. Students could travel to other cities by buses at reasonable prices or they could take the flights with a transfer in İstanbul.

Bus terminal is located in the city center while the airport is only 8 km far from the city center. Transpotation to the airport is provided by taxis and minibuses. 

Bus Terminal Tel: 0368 260 0304
Airport Tel: 0368 271 4455
Turkish Airlines Sinop Office Tel: 0368 260 2470


In Sinop, there are 3 state dormitories. Besides these, there are many private dormitories are ready to serve students at convenient prices. For students who wish not to stay in a dormitory, furnished rental flats are available in the city center.