Accomodation and  Transportation

There are three flights in a week from Siirt Airport and these three flights are  made only to Ankara. However,  there is Batman Airport an hour away from Siirt and Diyarbakır Airport three hours from Siirt has direct flights to main big towns and also connected  flighs to other part of Turkey. Beside airplane, there are buses used for intercity transportation. For intracity transportation, most of the time minibuses are used and they cost only one Turkish Liras. Other than that it is walking distance to allmost everywhere most of the time. Basically transportation is pretty easy for students at Siirt.

In the city center, within the scope of General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories Agency, there is a dorm for girls  has the capacity of 840. On the other hand there is a boys dormitory which has the capacity of 750 and located at Kezer Campus.  Besides, there are some private dormitories meet the accomodation needs.  Collages in the counties also offers place to stay for students linked to head of health, culture and spors of University.  For example, there is a vocational college in Eruh and th there is adormitory belongs to the college has 450 student capacity, and again there is a dormitory in Kurtalan with 100 student capacity.


Center Campus


Kezer Campus


Siirt School of Health 


Kurtalan Vocational School


Kurtalan Vocational School