Providing dormitory accommodation for the students out of town is one of the priorities of NNY University. The objective of the University is to protect its selected student population from the difficult conditions of a city and enable them to enjoy the advantages of living on campus 24 hours a day. Each room is with bathroom and toilet and equipped with internet and telephone connection, bed, wardrobe, chair, bookshelves and refrigerator; hot water is available in bathrooms. A total of 150 students can reside in the modern dormitories of NNY University.

The city can be accessed through Erkilet International Airport, which is at a short distance from the city centre. There are several flights per day to Istanbul, Turkey's premium air transportation hub. Kayseri is connected to the rest of the country with railroad service. There are four trains per day to the capital city Ankara. Since the city is located in central Turkey, transportation via cars and coaches are highly efficient. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach to Ankara, approximately 3 hours to the Mediterranean shores and 45 minutes to Cappadocia. The transportation within the city relies mainly on buses, and personal vehicles. A light rail transit system called Kayseray was constructed at the end of 2009.

The University campus can be accessed by ring shuttles and city buses every half hour from the town centre. The city, Kayseri, can also be accessed by buses, trains, and planes from all parts of the country and the world.