The Tekirdağ Province is a gateway between Anatolia and the Balkans, Asia and Europe, East and West. The province, located in the South of Thrace region, deserves greatly the label of “Pearl of Marmara” and is one of the most important provinces in Turkey with its natural beauties, history, cultural inheritance, and strong socio-economic infrastructure. The name “Tekirdağ” labels also one of the 30 metropolises of Turkey, which is a flourishing city, industrial, agricultural and touristic, as well as a port city and a university city.

In matters of international transportation, given its geographical position, our University can be reached by motorway, railway, air, and sea. Tekirdağ is at a transition point on international highways connecting Istanbul, Ankara, and İzmir to Europe. E-80 (TEM), E-84 and D-110 state highways pass through the borders of the city. The transportation from Tekirdağ to Istanbul is fairly easy. There are many travel agencies with busses running every half an hour between the two cities. Additionally, there are bus services from the city centre to major cities like Ankara, Izmir, Edirne, and Çanakkale at regular intervals.

The distance between Istanbul and Tekirdağ is of 132 km (approximately 2 hours by bus), 585 km between Ankara and Tekirdağ (approximately 8 hours by bus), and 505 km between Izmir and Tekirdağ (approximately 10 hours by bus).

By air, you can reach Tekirdağ from Çorlu Airport or Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Çorlu Airport, which provides mainly for the domestic air transportation with scheduled flights to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya, Erzurum, Kayseri and Trabzon, is also available for international air transportation. Çorlu Airport is 37 km from the centre and there are direct flights from Ankara or flights with Ankara layover from other cities. From Istanbul Atatürk Airport, one can take the metro to Esenler Coach Station. And from the coach station, busses that travel frequently to Tekirdağ are easily accessible. The journey from Esenler Coach Station to Tekirdağ is about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

In addition to land and air transportation, and since Tekirdağ is the main import/export route point of Thrace and Marmara regions, the international marine transportation is also available and preferred. There is continuous ferry service between Tekirdağ and Marmara Island and between Tekirdağ and Avşa Island. There are also Ro Ro ships going to Trieste Harbour of Italy from Tekirdağ Harbour. Matraş Harbour, which is situated 39 km away from the city centre in Marmara Ereğlisi, is another transportation centre with an intensive shipping trade.

Tekirdağ is also a major point of railway transportation leading to Europe. Çerkezköy and Muratlı are more convenient spots for railway transportation. There are trains running to Istanbul from Çerkezköy.

Concerning city transportation, in Tekirdağ, it is convenient to travel within the city limits, and our campus can be easily reached from every part of the city by public and private transportation facilities. Buses and minibuses run very frequently between the city centre and NKU Main Campus from early morning till late at night. The buses that leave from Governorship Office travel through Atatürk Boulevard, Coach Station, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard, University Road and arrive at NKU entrance gate.

With regards to accommodation facilities, our students do not encounter any accommodation problems. They can easily find lodgings opportunities in state as well as private dormitories and all dormitories are equipped with the necessary facilities to live, study, and relax after classes, including reading rooms, gyms, canteens, and cafeterias. Ayşe Menger Student Dormitory for Girls, located on our main campus, has a capacity of 107 students. All dormitories belonging to the General Directorate of the Credit and Dormitories Agency in Tekirdağ, Çorlu, Çerkezköy, Hayrabolu, and Şarköy, meet the accommodation needs of most of our students. There is a state dormitory close to the main campus with a capacity of 1312 beds, of which 616 beds are for male and 696 for female students. A Campus Dormitory for Girls with a total capacity of 410 beds has recently opened its doors to our students. There are also many private dormitories and hostels available and it is also possible to rent moderately priced flats in Tekirdağ.