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How to get to Mersin

By Air

There are daily domestic and international flights at Adana Şakirpaşa Airport which is 65 km. far away from Mersin. You can come to Mersin by the shuttle bus of the airlines in exchange for 10 TL. 

By Bus

The highway network in Mersin is extremely well-developed. You can catch a bus to almost everywhere and everday at Mersin Main Bus Station.   

By Train

According to the train timetable, there is a line running between  Mersin and Adana from 6 a.m till 11 p.m everyday. You can buy a train ticket in exchange for money. 


The transportation to the campuses of our university is provided with various means of public transport vehicles and the vehicles of our university. It is possible to reach all the campuses of the university at almost every hour of the day easily. 
The shuttle service, between the campuses of Yenişehir and Çiftlikköy, offers the students and the staff transportation service free of charge. The university buses which run at regular intervals throughout the day provide transportation between the two campuses and on the campus. In addition, a service bus to the student hostel on Tece Campus is provided during the academic year.


There are hostels which belong to our university, Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution and some private institutions in Mersin. Gülnar Vocational School has a student hostel with a bed capacity of 200.
The dormitory complex of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution has a total bed capacity of 1240; 700 for female students and 540 for male students. It is also possible to rent a fine room or a flat at a reasonable price at seaside apartment blocks or resorts in atumn or winter. Thanks to the private student hostels, the accommodation needs of our students have been met to a considerable extent. There are private student hostels positioned very  near the main campus in Çiftlikköy. They can be rented with the alternative of a single room with two or four beds.
Students share a flat in Mersin (usually according to their sex). It is sometimes cheaper to rent and share a big flat. If the exchange students contact with the International Office, they can communicate with Turkish students about being a homemate.