Being an important residence, Trabzon offers a variety of transportation by road, by sea and by airway. Since it shelters many students and civil servants, there are many direct coach services to all major cities. In Trabzon, there is an international airport only 5 minutes from the main campus on the road between Trabzon and Rize. Direct flights from this airport connect Trabzon with different destinations in Turkey, Europe and Central Asian countries.

Compared to western European countries, transport is highly cheap in Turkey. A return flight from Istanbul costs 100 to 125 € depending on the time of the flight, which takes about one and a half hours. There are about ten flights a day between Trabzon and Istanbul. The international students can also benefit from ferries running between Trabzon and coastal cities of Russia such as Sochi, as well as bus services between Trabzon and Georgian towns such as Batumi.

There are regular public buses and minibuses running between the campus and the city centre. 9-seated minibuses leave for the campus when they are full, which usually takes less than 5 minutes at rush hours, and not more than 10 minutes outside the rush hours. Through similar services, transportation from the main campus and the city centre to other locations is also easy to get.


The university has dormitories both on the main campus and other campuses with a capacity of about 5000 students. Such dormitories include rooms shared by 2 to 4 students, and are aimed at housing students who cannot afford to pay for better accommodation. Students who do not want to stay in dormitories can select to stay in private accommodation in apartment blocks, located just outside the main campus, only 10 minutes walk from the university. In these apartments, students get a room with bathroom of their own and share the kitchen with 3 to 5 others. 

Karadeniz Technical University also has 1 bedroom-flatlets with own kitchen and bathroom. These flatlets are fully furnished with high standards, provide all the cooking facilities, and are spared for the international visitors. As the number of these rooms is limited, the exchange students are strongly advised to make their application at least two months in advance of their arrival in Trabzon. You are strongly advised to contact with the responsible person for incoming students at the international relations office.

We have recently built another hotel next to the Osman Turan Convention Centre on the main campus. This premises has 140 rooms of the highest quality spread over three floors. In an attempt to help the international students feel at home and not to feel the discomfort of looking for places to live, we allocated the rooms on the ground floor of this hotel to such students where they can stay on bed and breakfast basis with an affordable price for them. The disanvantage of this accommodation facility is the lack of kitchen in the rooms and the students choosing to stay in this hotel will have to eat outside.