İYTE Dormitories

“İYTE Dormitories” of Turkish Republic General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution began to serve students of İYTE on 1st of November, 2005. “İYTE Dormitories” having high quality constructional structure, internal and external architectural design – local facilities, infra- and super-structures and service, is a kind of “model living village”.

Its hosting capacity is comprised of 304 female and 384 male students. “İYTE Dormitories” have 47 buildings and are located on the north of the campus. Each building is comprised of 2 floors with 4 apartments on each floor. However, each apartment is suitable for 2 students. Female and male dormitory buildings are separate.

Apartment facilities (for two students):

Social facilities:

Cleaning servers are ready to serve for in and out cleaning and bed dresses are changed for every week.

The cost of living in İYTE Dormitories is 132 TL/ month (app. 56 €/month) for one incoming student. 

For detailed information:

Rental Houses

Another option is rental houses. There are houses for rent in Izmir, Urla and Gülbahçe. Rents are very variable according to the location, luxury, room number, existence of heating system etc.

Transportation to İYTE

Located on the crossroads of Çeşme and Karaburun, IZTECH campus is 45 kilometeres away from city centre. Üçkuyular, which is the place of departure for buses to IZTECH, is 40 km away from IZTECH and it is possible to get to the campus approximately in 50 minutes via public transport like buses or minibuses.

Arrival to İzmir


Both domestic and international flights arrive at Adnan Menderes Airport, which is located 20 kilometres east of İzmir. Either HAVAŞ or public transport can be used to travel to the city centre from the airport. Buses can be used to get to Üçkuyular, where buses to IZTECH are located. Besides this, it is also possible to travel to the city centre via subway and Aliağa-Cumaovası tube line. The local currency of Turkish Republic is TL. Currency exchange is possible at exchange offices in the airport.


The transport system within the city and to other cities in İzmir is quite developed. There are regular buses from the bus station in Işıkkent. Almost all travel companies have services from Üçkuyular and other districts to the bus station.


It is possible to reach one’s destination through railway not only from İzmir to Ankara or İstanbul, but also to other cities and districts in the Aegean Region.