İstanbul University Dormitories

İstanbul University takes care of accommodation problems so that the students can continue their educations in a healthier way. The dormitories of İstanbul University are in Avcılar and Cerrahpaşa campuses and in Beylikdüzü.



Dormitory fees are between ₺ 180 and ₺ 360.

Application and Evaluation

Students of İstanbul University apply to Dormitories Head Office (Yurt Müdürlüğü) according to the dates determined by the Academic calendar.

Information on the students’ application forms are scored according to the criteria determined by administrative board and confirmed by the Rectorate. Students’ list entitled to settle are announced depending on the outcome of the scoring.

Students whose families residing out of the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality are evaluated primarily.

Students entitled to settle in the dormitories register by completing and submitting the requested forms to the Dormitories Head Office according to the announced registration calendar. Students who fail to complete the requested forms in the designated dates lose their right to register and settle.

For details: http://sks.istanbul.edu.tr/?p=6895

Credit and Dormitory Instituion (CDI)

Students entitled to study in İstanbul University can utilize Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution (Kredi Yurtlar Kurumu) dormitories. In Turkey, all processes related to accommodation in state dormitories are carried out by General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution. For detailed information, please visit www.kyk.gov.tr web page.

Accommodation at CDI’s dormitories are charged. Different fee policies are applied according to the dormitories physical structure and accommodation situation. Students under state’s protection or whose parents are deceased, martyr or veteran are not requested any down payment or dormitory fee.

Other Accommodation Facilities

Apart from state dormitories, students can benefit from private dormitories and rented houses in the campus neighborhood. Prices change between ₺ 500-2500 according to the conditions.