The Haliç campus is located in one of the easiest locations in İstanbul, where the Unkapanı Bridge meets the land. Beşiktaş, Taksim, Sultanahmet, Şişli, Fatih, and some other destinations are a short distance away. It is also available to use subway form Atatürk Airpot and Esenler Bus Terminal.

The Kavacık campus is located on the final exit of the TEM Motorway on the Anatolian side. It is the first exit on the Anatolian side for public transportations heading from the European side. With this location, it is in an extremely easy location to reach from both sides.

The historical peninsula where the Haliç campus is situated is known as the region of universities, as many public and foundation universities are situated in this region. The campus has many fe/male dormitories around. Guidance about these dormitories is available in the registration period.

The Kavacık campus has its own fe/male dormitories, which are equipped with the up-to-date technology and infrastructure in order to meet the needs of its students. Each room has a bathroom, personal desk, wardrobe, book shelf and each floor has a studying room.