BİLGİ is a city university with three innovative campuses on the European side of İstanbul. Located in central neighborhoods, the three BİLGİ campuses - santralistanbul, Kuştepe and Dolapdere- offer easy access to social and cultural activities in İstanbul.

santralistanbul Campus is an arts and cultural complex located along the Golden Horn hosting more than 1.000 conferences, festivals, and other scientific and social events a year and it includes Energy Museum, Main Gallery, KREK Theatre Company as well as educational buildings.

Dolapdere Campus, an award-winning campus with its architectural design, is only ten minutes away from Taksim, the heart of the art scene, social activities and city life

Kuştepe Campus is located in Şişli, the center of İstanbul’s business life Dormitory & Residences

İstanbul Bilgi University provides housing options according to its students’ needs and demands.

Besides comfortable and safe housing options, convenient transportation is also available. Shuttle buses run between all the campuses and dormitories, and are also available from/to city centers.