Public transportation is convenient and relatively cheap. Inonu University is easily accessible from all parts of Malatya. The inner-city transportation to and from the Campus is provided by buses of Municipality .There is special discount for students. Malatya has an integrated pre-pay ticket. The card is valid on buses.


In Turkey, the official language is Turkish.  The Turkish language belongs to the Ural-Altaic group and has an affinity with the Finno-Hungarian languages. Turkish is written in the Latin alphabet and is read exactly the way it is written.


Inonu University campus consist a big dormitory that is proper for 2500 students and there are private dormitories both in campus and in the different parts of the Malatya.  However, if students do not wish to stay in the dormitory of the goverment and want to stay in a hostel, we cannot guarantee a place for them but we will do our best to help them to find a place to live.