The province of Igdir has air – highway road connections with neighbor countries and provinces. The Igdir airport is 16 km far from the city center. The rectorship and academic units are also situated in the city center; there could be arrived by city minibuses.


1. Application Hotel

There is an Application Hotel in the Rectorship of Igdir University. It is situated in one of the best panoramic places of Igdir with the view to the Mount Ararat. The airport is 15 km far from the hotel and 1 km from the city center.

Our application hotel maintains high standards of service and staying with us gives our guests a lasting memory of true comfort and convenience.

The application hotel has 22 rooms with balconies and 22 rooms without balconies (44 rooms in common). There are 84 beds in our hotel.

2. Students Dormitories

The needs of students’ accommodation are satisfied by the State High Committee of Dormitories and private dormitories. There is state men’ dormitory with 500 beds and state female dormitory with 500 beds in Igdir.

3. Other Facilities

There are a lot of houses for rent in the case of the choice of student to stay at home.