City Transportation

You can use both airlines and highways to visit Gumushane. While using these options, we advise you to exchange some Turkish Liras from exchange centers.


Transportation by Air

To reach Gumushane, different airline flights can be preferred in different times to the closest distance to Trabzon Airport. From there you can easily arrive to the bus station in ten minutes by taxi and find buses to Gumushane in each 15 minutes.


Transportation by Bus

Two alternatives to reach Gumushane can be preferred.The first of these, the direct bus transportations from all cities to Gumushane. The other one is, by connecting flight .When arrived to Trabzon Bus Station, you can find busses or minibuses arriving Gumushane in 1, 5 hours journey.


How to reach University

Either by airlines or by bus, when you arrive to Gumushane, in ten minutes you can arrive to the Gumushane University by bus during all the day.


Extension students to come Gumushane will have accommodation facilities such as state and private student dormitories, houses for rent and Social acilities of Gumushane University.