Üniversite Bulvarı P.K. 27310 Şehitkamil / Gaziantep, TURKEY


Accomodotation needs of students coming from other cities to our university is met by student dormitories of YURT-KUR. Dormitories have the capacity of 1150 beds for male students and 960 beds for female students.

    In the dormitory, besides a large dining hall and a cafeteria, there are an indoor sports hall, a billard hall, a library and a laundry room. Also computer and internet access is present.
    Requests for registration to dormitories are for the first time made in Student Selection and Placement Exam, and for intermediate classes in July.

     Also Gaziantep University Tourism and Hotel Management Vacational School of Higher Education Practising Hotel (Guest-House) which began to service in 2002 offers qualified services to both university personnel and guests.