Eskişehir Osmangazi University carries out its education and training activities in the campuses of Meşelik, Bademlik, Çamlık, Ali Numan Kıraç, and Sivrihisar, Mahmudiye and Çifteler provinces.


1.     Meşelik Campus


Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Education

Institute of Educational Sciences

Hospital of Education, Training, Application and Research

Eskişehir School of Health

Institute of Sciences

Faculty of Science and Letters

Faculty of Economics and Administration

Faculty of Divinity

Institute of Metallurgy

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Institute of Medical Sciences

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Tourism


There are also ESOGÜ Cumhuriyet Parkı and ESOGÜ Çarşı, an area of 80.000 m2 in which there is a botanical garden, and the 72.000 m2 Porsuk Recreation Area located near Porsuk River in the campus.


Transportation to Meşelik Campus from the city center is possible via ESTRAM (OSMANGAZI UNIVERSITY) No 2 and 4; public buses 2-3(red)—(13,14,18 bus terminal-Meşelik)-24(red)-19-27(train station-meşelik)-34-36-37-42-43-44(red)-50-54-55(train station-Meşelik) and many minibuses.


2.     Bademlik Campus

Faculty of Arts and Design, Department of Architecture

It is possible to get to Bademlik Campus from the city centre by the public buses numbered 1 and 22. The public bus numbered 22 serves between Bademlik and Meşelik Campuses.


3.     Çamlık Campus

Department of Foreign Languages

It is possible to get the Çamlık Campus from the city center by ESTRAM (OTOGAR) and public buses numbered 25, 42, 43, 44, and minibuses.


4.     Ali Numan Kıraç Campus

Faculty of Agriculture

It is possible to get to Ali Numan Kıraç Campus from the city centre by the public buses numbered 11 and 31, and the minibuses numbered 11, 16, and 38.


5.     Industrial Estate Campus

Eskişehir Vocational School


6.     Sivrihisar Campus

Sivrihisar Vocational School

The school carries out its activities in Sivrihisar.


7.     Mahmudiye Campus

Mahmudiye Vocational School

The school carries out its activities in Mahmudiye.



The distance of Eskişehir to Istanbul is 315 km, to Ankara 230 km, to Bursa 150 km, to Izmir 415km and to Antalya 450 km. The city is also connected to almost each city in Turkey via railways.



There are two state hostels near the Meşelik Campus and also many private hostels in the city.