Transportation in Kayseri is quite active and easy. Kayseri is the active traffic line of our country and the Central Anatolia Region; for this reason, you can arrive Kayseri quickly.You can arrive by highway. It is easy to provide transportation by intercity terminal. Upon your arrival to the terminal, if the transportation company you have preferred has local minibus opportunities (that is; a lot of companies have this opportunity), it is easy for you to go to city center, university, dormitories and places of destinations by these minibuses. It is also comfortable to arrive Kayseri by airlines. When you arrive in Erkilet Airport, you can get on public buses when you come out of the airport. Thanks to these opportunities, you can reach city center easily. If you arrive Kayseri by railway, the station is very close to the State Hospital. You can go to the city center on foot for nearly 20 minutes or by using the bus station which serves actively next to the railway station.


Students staying in the boys’ and girls’ dormitories affiliated to the Higher Education Institution of Credits and Dormitories go to the campus easily by buses affiliated to Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. People residing in the closer towns of the city center easily provide transportation directly by buses.
Students living in the city center can easily go to the university campus by buses and private minibuses affiliated to Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.
Shuttle bus service is provided in the Central Campus.

It is possible to stay in hotels, private student dormitories and rental flats in Kayseri.

The majority of the students studying in Erciyes University stay in the Boys’ Dormitory and the Girls’ Dormitory affiliated to the Higher Education Institution of Credits and Dormitories, each of which has a capacity of 1500 students. Except the ones accomodating in these dormitories stay in private and foundation dormitories, hostels or rent flats in Talas and city center. Successful students in our University accomodate in Demir Karamancı Residences affiliated to our university.

In students’ dormitories affiliated to the Higher Education Institution of Credits and Dormitories, the rooms are for 4 or 6 people and equipped with central heating system and a bathroom. 24 hours hot water service is available in bathrooms. Students can have breakfast, luch and dinner in the dormitories. In addition, students can make use of social and cultural opportunities such as hairdresser, coiffure, Internet, dry cleaning, laundry, reading hall, canteen, lounge. Sports hall, outdoor basketball court, volleyball court, soccer field, tennis court, poolroom are the other social opportunities for the students. Tranportation to the campus from the dormitories affiliated to the Higher Education Institution of Credits and Dormitories is provided by public buses. Private and foundation dormitories also satisfy the needs of the students.

In parallel with the increasing number of students in our University, the Higher Education Institution of Credits and Dormitories has attempted to increase the capacity of students’ dormitories.


Guest House in Talas
After the American College Buildings in Talas, which got built by the Americans in 1871, were assigned to Erciyes University in 1978, some divisions necessary restorations of which were completed are in service as a social complex. The social complex in Talas, which is active for 12 months, has a capacity of 32 rooms and 52 beds. The complex provides restaurant service in its garden in June-July-August-September. Those coming to this complex in Talas can make use of the tennis court.

Erciyes High Altitude Sports Sciences Research and Implementation Center
As a hotel, this complex serves for the staff and students of our University and the staff of other universities, public institutions and private groups.

The following opportunities are available in this complex:

* 33 Rooms, 88 Beds
* A conference hall for 104 people
* A restaurant for 100 people
* A cafe for 80 people
* An amusement lounge
* A steam room
Staff Club
The club which is established to provide the university staff to read newspapers, journals, watch live matches and TV programmes and spend their spare-time in a distinguished atmosphere has a capacity of 78 people and serves for seven days of the week between 10:00 am and 23:30 pm.

Demir Karamancı Residence
The Residence, which was built by Demir Karamancı, a beneficient businessman, was donated to our University. It is situated in the campus and has a capacity of 54 flats the six of which are used as a guest house.

Social Opportunities

80th Year Atatürk Sports Hall
The Sports Hall, which was established to provide the staff and students of our university to do sports on astro pitch, was opened on the 80th anniversary of the university. Dressing rooms, cafes and lounges are available in this hall where our students can organize soccer tournaments and enjoy themselves.

Physical Education and Sports College Sports Hall
This Hall, which is situated in the Sumer Campus of our University, enables the students of the Faculty of Veterinary, Physical Education and Sports College and Mustafa Cıkrıcıoglu Vocational College to perform their applied courses. It has a capacity of 500 spectators, and each kind of indoor sports is performed.

Suleyman Demirel Sports Hall
Each kind of indoor sports is performed in this sports hall including volleyball, basketball, handball, table tennis and badminton so that the students enjoy themselves in their spare-time. There are physical fitness and gymnasium centers in this sports hall with a capacity of 2500 spectators in total.

Outdoor Sports Complexes
There are three outdoor astro pitches, 4 tennis courts with tartan track, 2 basketball courts with tartan track, outdoor basketball and volleyball courts and one tennis court with tartan track in Talas Social Complex.

Olympic Swimming Pool
The social complexes and indoor swimming pool which is one of the most important necessities of our University are under construction. The olympic swimming pool, cafeteria, physical fitness center, kids’ swimming pool, sunbathing terrace, changing rooms and shower cabinets will be put into service so that the students can make use of.

Hızıroglu Training Hotel which is managed by Tourism Faculty is in the campus of Erciyes University. The hotel is located in a large green area with a great view of Ali and Erciyes Mountains and in the rooms every detail has been custom designed and created to relax and indulge your senses. Modern, elegant and harmonious design along with the natural environment of our Training Hotel make you feel at home.  Our hotel offers a safe, comfortable, and peaceful environment within the campus area. Hızıroglu Training Hotel is just 15 minutes from the city center, shopping centers, and food courts; and centrally located for business, travel or pleasure.  A breakfast hall for 40 people, wireless internet access in all rooms and common areas, and a large car park are among the facilities of our Training Hotel. There are 40 rooms of three types including 6 Suite Rooms, 14 French-Bed Rooms (one king bed), 20 Twin Bed Rooms. All of our rooms are clean, comfortable and spacious. However, for guests requesting more comfort, our suit rooms provide the possibility of a more spacious accommodation. Hızıroglu Training Hotel offers overnight accommodation and breakfast.

The Address of Hızıroglu Training Hotel:
Erciyes University, Hızıroglu Training Hotel 38039 Melikgazi/KAYSERI

Phone number    : 0 352 207 66 66 (Extension: 17000)
Fax number        : 0 352 437 31 40

Internet Address: http://otel.erciyes.edu.tr/
E-Mail                 : otel@erciyes.edu.tr