Kütahya, a city in western Turkey, is located at the crossroads of the highways and railroads connecting Central Anatolia, Marmara and Mediterranean regions to the Aegean Region. By the inter-city public busses it takes about 4 or 5 hours from Kütahya to Ankara, İzmir or İstanbul while it takes about 6 hours to Antalya.

The campus is 10 km away from the city center but it is always easy to reach the campus. Transportation to the campuses is through the municipality buses or private public buses in the city center and districts.


DPU is continuously being modernized and new places are being built in response to the increasing number of students and further overall growth. It has newly built dormitories, both private and semi-private ones, to accommodate students, enrolled in DPU, from other cities.

In Hüsnü Özyeğin Dormitory for Girls, each room is equipped with basic furniture and designed as double room, having a wireless system in its body for Internet access. The dormitory has several other offers that may interest the students like study rooms, fitness center, TV rooms, canteen, laundry room and lunch and dinner services.

There are also state-owned dormitories available for both female and male students in both Germiyan and Evliya Çelebi Campuses, offering such services as restaurant and cafeteria. Apart from that, the university has full-equipped guest houses in the Germiyan and Evliya Çelebi Campuses offered to host guests coming to our university.

Also, it should be noted that living costs are cheaper than many other cities in TURKEY. So, an approximate cost which students should expect to spend monthly including accommodation is around 300-350 Euros.