Çankaya University, at the moment, unfortunately does not offer student accommodation of any kind. The university collaborates with the private Petek Female Students’ Dormitory that is next door to its Balgat campus but there is no accommodation office nor any facilities that provide accommodation within the university. However, the construction process for one female and one male student dormitory is about to start to be completed in early 2015.


Çankaya University is in Ankara, Turkey’s capital city. Ankara can be reached by air, train, or by coach. 
If you travel by air, you would arrive at the Esenboğa Airport. To reach city centre from the airport, you can either take a shuttle bus run by the Havaş to disembark at the last stop which is the city’s coach station AŞTI or take a shuttle bus run by the city council to city centre. 

If you travel by train, when you reach the Ankara Train Station, take a cab to the Balgat Campus.

If you travel by bus, you are to disembark at the city’s coach station AŞTI. From there, you can take a taxi cab, a bus, or a minibus to the Balgat Campus of the university. However, it is recommended that you travel by taxi cab if you are not familiar with Turkish transport facilities and customs. The Faculties of Law and Architecture as well as post-graduate study facilities are located at the Balgat Campus. 

The Main Campus of the Çankaya University which comprises the Faculties of Engineering, Economic and Administrative Sciences, and of Arts and Sciences, is located outside the city centre, at the 29th kilometre of the Eskişehir Road. You can take the busses numbered 120 and 121 to reach this campus when you reach the city centre, or, alternatively you can take the university’s own shuttle busses which depart from our Balgat Campus. The university shuttles run from 8:30 to 16:45 within the weekdays on the basis of one shuttle service per hour. 

Contact Person:

Head of International Relations Office
E-mail: yontem@cankaya.edu.tr, iro@cankaya.edu.tr
Tel : +90 312 233 12 91
Fax : +90 312 233 10 28