The city which is located in Western Black Sea region has charming beauties formed by the union of green of forests and blue of the Black Sea. Zonguldak is quite a significant city due to its port where Turkey conducts naval trade with Black Sea countries. Besides, the city has the richest coal reserves of Turkey. The leading industrial facility in the region is Turkish Institution of Hard Coal

Zonguldak is a city located in western Black Sea Region possessing coasts to the Black Sea on West and North. With its area of 3.481 km², the city covers six in a thousand of the area of Turkey. The area of the city which starts from coast of Black Sea are surrounded by Black Sea from North, by the city Bartın from northeast, by Karabük from the east and southeast, by Bolu from South, by Dizce from West and southwest. The center of Zonguldak is limited by regions of Municipality of Kilimli from northeast and by Kozlu from southwest. The city has mild climate where precipitation is recorded nearly in all months of the year.



Zonguldak with its districts of Alaplı, Black Sea Ereğli, Çaycuma, Devrek and Gökçebey, is a city in the Black Sea Region, with a coastline to the sea mentioned. The city in which our university is located is very close to İstanbul and Ankara, 335 km and 276 km far respectively.



Near our university, there is a state dormitory with its capacity to hold 4234 students and it is relatively cheaper when compared to the ones in European Countries. There is a cafeteria and a dining hall inside the dormitory. The students stay in rooms for three people. In each room, there is a shared bathroom, tables, a library, wardrobes and chests of drawers. The cost is approximately €64 per month.

In addition, there are private dormitories around the main campus.

Students can also find houses for rent to stay on their own or together with their friends.


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