Student dormitory, with a capacity of 750 students, which was built by General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories Institution, and which consists of a block of social facilities and 3 blocks of dormitory building in Batı Raman campus, was completed in November, 2012. At the city centre, there is a male dormitory with a capacity of 600 students. In addition, there are private dormitories and pensions located at the city centre. The Central Dining Hall and Cafeteria at the Batı Raman Campus as well as the dining hall at the central campus with a capacity of 600 provides nourishment for students. Registration in the Student Dormitory To register in the Student Dormitory, students need one photo, ID or passport and other official document. Any document except passport should confirm the personal data and entry permit to Turkey. Students are required to pay for the first month of their stay. In addition, they have to fill in the forms which will be obtained from Student Dormitory staff. After a few days, every student gets a special residence card which allows them to use all the facilities and to move around the premises of the campus.



Travel links

Batman is located in the south east of Turkey and sorrounded by the cities of Siirt and Bitlis on the east, Muş on the north, Diyarbakır on the west, Mardin on the south.

By Plane

Batman Airport provides air transport to the major cities of Turkey via Turkish Airlines (Ankara Esenboğa Airport, İstanbul Atatürk Airport), Pegasus Airlines (İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport) and SunExpress (Antalya Airport, İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport).

By Train

You should check Turkish Railways (TCDD) website for train services to Batman By Car It's possible to reach Batman via highway by driving but please note that it's 1465 km away from Istanbul.

By Bus

There are bus journeys from and to each province of Turkey.

Bus Terminal phone number : +90(488)214 1749

Local Transport

 Public Airport Bus . This Runs to in the city center, and costs 3tl (1 Euro).

 Taxi: Private taxis are more expensive than public transport. A taxi from the airport to city center costs around 30 Turkish Liras (10 Euros).

 The buildings in the campus area are all within walking distance of each other. Transport within the campus is provided by public transport buses.

 When you arrive at the university you should come directly to the International Office in central campus, where the staff can welcome you and give you an Information Pack which will be of great help to you during your first few days here.