Both inner-city and inter-city transportation in Bartın are very convenient. Bartın

Inner-city transportation:

Bartın University Campus is located at a 5-km distance from the city center. There are public busses from the campus area to the city center during the whole day. The cost of public busses for students is around 30 Euro cents.

Inter-city transportation:

Bartın is located at a close distance from the main cities in Turkey. The city is located at a 6-hour distance from Istanbul (441 km) and a 4-hour distance from the capital city Ankara (278 km).  Bus ticket from Bartın-Istanbul costs around 20 Euros and from Bartın-Ankara, the ticket costs around 10 Euros.


Our students benefit from the dormitories of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution. Besides, private dormitories are available for the students.

The new dormitory has three buildings. The two buildings have a capacity of 552 students and the third building has a social facility and a conference hall. The dormitory also has cinema and a recreation hall. In addition, there is a dormitory with 378-person capacity.