How to get to Atılım?

Atılım University Campus is located southwest of Ankara and about 25 kilometers far from the city center. The campus is connected to the city center and to various main districts scattered around the center by regular shuttle bus services and rings. In order to see the routes, please visit the link below:


Take note that only the registered students are allowed to use the buses.

Other ways to get to Atılım

From airport (through AŞTİ bus terminal):

Ankara Esenboğa International Airport is located northeast of Ankara and about 25 km far from the city center.

There are two different shuttle service options which you can take to AŞTİ Bus Terminal Stop:

- BelkoAir – Fee: 5,25 TL (about USD 2,5)
- HAVAŞ – Fee: 10 TL (about USD 5)

Then, you can get on the blue minibuses (fee is 2,25 TL and about USD 1,1) which will drop you just in front of the campus gate.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi:

Fare from airport to campus is about 150 TL (about USD 75)
Fare from AŞTİ to campus is about  75 TL (about USD 35)

From city center:

There are two options available:

- Municipality buses (EGO) from Kızılay district, Güvenpark Bus Stop, with line numbers 103, 191, 192, 193 (fee is 1,75 TL and around USD 0,85)
- Blue minibuses from Ulus district, Hacı Bayram locality (fee is 2,40 TL and around USD 1,15)

Alternatively, you can take a taxi and fare will change from 50 TL to 100 TL (from about USD 25 to USD 50)