There are various facilities which provide social services for academics, students, administrative personnel and guests. All facilities are located in the main campus. These facilities include the traditional Erzurum House, guesthouses, conference and meeting halls, dining hall with a capacity of 10.000, canteens, cafes, resting halls, patisserie, restaurants, sports halls, tennis courts, bowling alley, swimming pool, movie theatre, art gallery, exhibition and cultural centers, barbers, and hairdressers.
Atatürk University offers a vast range of accommodation choices for both undergraduate, graduate students and teaching staff. Some of the accommodation has self-catering facilities. Apart from those who live in on-campus dormitories, some students choose to live in private accommodation in the vicinity, which is only a short bus ride or within walking distance to the campus. Male and female dormitories are separate; they have a common room, a TV room, study rooms, internet cafes, sports and cultural facilities, barbers, tailors, shoe menders, photocopiers, and fast food eateries.
Dormitories are managed by the Credit and Hostels Institution. The dormitories have a total accommodation capacity of 9642 beds. Female and male dormitories are provided for students in the main campus, Oltu, Pasinler, İspir and Aşkale. The dorms have an 80% occupation rate, with rooms for groups of 4, 8, 6, and 10 students. The organization of the dorms will change from bunk to a single bed system in the near future. There are also private dorms and student guesthouses around the main campus and in other campuses. Other institutions, such as the Ministry of Defense, General Directorate of Security and Turkish Red Crescent also provide dormitories for students.
Guest Houses
Two guest houses situated on the main campus with a total capacity of 94 beds have the comfort of high quality hotels. The guesthouses offer facilities such as; fitness center, swimming pool, restaurant, breakfast and resting halls. Academics and their relatives, students, graduates, other university staff and civil servants can utilize the services of these guesthouses. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim of the guesthouses, which offer food services at a relatively low price.
Personnel Residences
There are 1140 residences for academicians and administrative personnel, and visiting researchers and personnel from other universities. Living areas of the residences vary from 40 to 150 m2. Most of the residences are in the main campus while there are also residences in the İspir campus. There are self-contained mini flats allocated for young married teaching staff, research assistants and visiting staff. Moreover, there are residences for nurses working at the university research hospital.
Security and Protection
A Special Security Protection Directorate has been established at Atatürk University in order to manage security matters. 211 security personnel protect the university and the residences.
The campus is accessible at any time of the day by minibus, taxi or private vehicles from the city and surrounding areas. Student fares are 25% cheaper. On-campus accommodation, which houses the majority of undergraduate students, is within walking distance from all faculties and facilities. On-campus free ring services are also available during the day.
Banking Services
Students have the opportunity to conduct transactions in the banks located in the main campus. Ziraat Bank, Akbank, Garanti Bank, Yapı Kredi Bank, Vakıfbank and İş Bank have ATM machines on campus. Vakıfbank and İş Bank also have branches in the main campus.
Postal Services
A PTT (Post-Telegram-Telephone) branch offers postal services for everyone in and outside the campus within working hours. The main and other PTT branches are also located close to the main campus.
There are 2 markets on campus which offer their services for students and staff of Atatürk University. The university also has its own gift shop where souvenirs can be purchased.