Transportation and Accommodation:


Ankara University has five different campuses inside the Ankara city. There is metro, public bus and dolmuş transportation between these campuses. A discount student ticket costs 60 Euro cents for intercity public transportation.

Our main campus is Tandoğan Campus which located at the center of Ankara. There are two different options to come to Tandoğan Campus from airport. A student can use HAVAŞ, a private transport from airport to city center. Between HAVAŞ Tandoğan Stop and to A.Ü. Tandoğan Campus is about 5 min. by walk. Also a student can use public bus from airport to Kızılay and then use metro from Kızılay to Tandoğan. Also there is metro line between city bus terminal AŞTİ to Tandoğan.



Ankara University provides accommodation to both national and international students with 8 dormitories, 6 in city center, 1 in Beypazarı District and 1 in Kalecik District. In 8 dormitories we have nearly 1800 bed capacity. However, as a consequence of high demand, applications evaluate according to application line.

There is a special quota for our exchange students at our dormitories and we can provide free accommodation to our exchange students.