Kırşehir is a civilization city with its history, culture and art. Kırşehir is on Ankara-Kayseri highway and it is located 180km to Ankara, 130 km to Kayseri and 95 km to Cappadocia Region. Kırşehir is an important geographical location, so transportation can be easily provided to all the districts of our country. Kırşehir, located on fertile lands and the ways on East to West, has been used as a settlement in every period of its history. The nearst airports to Kırşehir are Ankara Esenboga, Kayseri and Nevşehir Cappadocia for guest who comes from other countries.


Accommodation needs of our university students are met by Higher Education Credits and Dormitory Institution (YURTKUR) and private dormitories. And also, there are a lot of apart hotels which offer accommodation services to our students.