In addition to dormitories which have about 3.000 students capacity inside and outside the campus, there is also a guesthouse for visitors and academic staff with the capacity of  30 people. Students who stay in dormitories of Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution need to pay 80 € as deposit and 41 € per month. It is also possible to choose a private dormitory the average cost of which is  between 60 € and 80 € monthly. In the city center, the expenses of the flats, including water, heating and electricity  cost between   300 € - 600€. Personal expenditures  cost approximately 75€-150€ per month.


      Both airline and highway transportation are available to city. Airport is about 10 kilometers from city center and 20 km from campus area. The bus terminal of city is about 5 km from campus area as well. HAVAŞ bus services provide direct transportation from airport to city centre. Directly bus transportation to campus is available from city centre and bus terminal . University is about 10 kilometers away from the  hospitals standing  in the city; students can easily access the medical facilities and benefit from the health institutions.