Adıyaman University Campus has a 27 kilometer distance to Adıyaman Airport and 3 kilometer distance to city center. 

Road: Access is possible from all over the Turkey to Adıyaman via intercity bus.

Flying: Flying Companies listed below organize expeditions from Istanbul and Ankara to Adıyaman province regularly.

  1. THY(Turkish Airlines) -  (İstanbul, Ankara)
  2. Anadolu Jet - (İstanbul , Ankara)

Accommodation for Guests:

Our Practice Hotel (Tourism Practice Hotel within Adıyaman University Vocational School) aims to serve at modern hotel management standards by serving our clients with human focused and smiling service manner. In addition, the other properties of the hotel are:

Dormitory Facilty for Students

While students coming from other cities generally find accommodation in the dormitories of Credit and Dormitories Institution in the main campus, the others who choose home life and private dormitory do not have problems in the center and districts of Adıyaman. Credit and Dormitories Institution in the main campus has a 658 beds dormitoy for male and 1000 beds dormitory for female students. Additionaly, a girls’ dormitory for 500 students is under construction and is going to host students in 2012/2013 academic year. Credit and Dormitories Institution also has a dormitory for 350 students in Besni and a dormitory for 170 students in Kahta.