Gaziosmanpaşa University

A dynamic university in a peaceful, green city

Gaziosmanpaşa University is located in a green city which is rich in terms of history and culture and it develops and becomes better constantly.  The university, provides its students with education of high quality which can be found in big cities by using a student-centered approach.  Another advantage of the University is that it is in a middle-sized city with a transition climate.

In terms of the number of academic staff and facilities, the University is impressive.  At the present time it consists of 11 faculties, 4 graduate schools, 7 higher schools, 1 state conservatory, and 15 vocational schools of higher education.  In addition, there are 15 research centers.  The number of academic staff is over a thousand, 82 of whom are professors, 94 associate professors and 320 assistant professors.  Most of these academicians completed their studies at the best universities in Turkey or abroad.

            The education at the University is performed following a student-centered approach.  Encouraging both the students and the academic staff to gain international experience is one of the priorities.  The University sends abroad the students and academic staff who are willing and meeting the requirements.  One of the successful activities is to provide successful students with an intensive English course.  After this language course, students attend a university abroad under the Erasmus+ program for a term or two and can obtain grades which are accepted in our University.

            Graduate study is available in many different fields from engineering to psychological counseling and guidance, biochemistry, history, etc.   Students can obtain Master’s and Ph D degrees after successfully completing these graduate schools.  The number of students at the Graduate Schools at the present is nearly 4000.

            There are over 33000 students at the University who come from almost all cities of Turkey.  While the number of the students from nearby cities such as Amasya, Sivas, Yozgat, and Ordu is high, there are also many students who choose our University for education and come from relatively farther cities such as İstanbul, Sakarya, and Kars.

            In addition to formal education, there are many social activities taking place at the University.  Students and academic staff can participate in conferences, workshops, national symposiums, and international meetings.

            If you wish to come to our University by bus, it takes about 1 hour from Sivas and Amasya; 3 hours from Yozgat, Ordu, and Samsun; and 6 hours from Ankara.

            Gaziosmanpaşa University, at which you will spend the best and most fruitful years of your life, awaits you with a rich library and attentive academic staff in a peaceful and green city described many centuries ago by Mevlana -Rumi- as saying “Tokat is a city to go!”