Avrupa Vocational was established by Avrupa Education Foundation on July 2, 2010 and it’s one of the seven private vocational schools currently linked to an educational foundation in Turkey.  Our mission is to raise creative and practice-oriented individuals who are able to assume his/her own values and culture within a contemporary, secular and democratic perspective while being a part of the world cultures through acquired leadership skills.

Our aim is to provide vocational training in accordance with the view to offer solid international qualifications. We value the significance of developing solution partnerships with related sector representatives and prepare young generations to professional life by providing an intense amalgamation of theoretical knowledge, hands-on experience along with  foreign language education. Learning and teaching conditions have been established to function in conformity within the scope of the norms and standards enshrined by the Higher Board of Education of Turkey. Our collaborative partnership with the Ohio, USA- based Kent State University is aimed at bringing a global understanding and a visionary perspective to our students in multiple ways.

Social and cultural development of our students and is also highly valued at Avrupa Vocational School. We aim to guide our students to utilize vast opportunities offered by the city of Istanbul which has a great potential to become a higher education hub in the near future.