Where is Yıldız Technical University?

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There is a sense of energy and innovation in the city which is again very fashionable as a world destination. There is a wealth of exciting modern art galleries and museums as well as restaurants, bars and nightlife.


About Yıldız Technical University

Yıldız Technical University (YTU) with the vision to be a leading institution of international standing represents a unique milieu of education, research and culture in Turkey.

YTU inherits our outstanding science, technology and culture; pioneering open access to academic research, technology and arts. Being one of the most well-known universities of

Turkey, it is conductive to the achievement of the goal of the development and welfare of the society.

YTU offers a range of programs at undergraduate and graduate levels, ranging from engineering disciplines to humanities and social sciences. It also provides opportunities for qualified students and academicians to participate in exchange programs.

YTU is one of the leading government institutions situated in three campuses in İstanbul. It is the 4rd oldest university in Turkey with its history dating back to 1911. It is regarded as one of the best universities in the country as well. The success and reputation of Yıldız Technical University lies in a unique blend of entrepreneur spirit and commitment to absolute academic excellence. The university’s mission is to promote development and cooperation at the national and international level by providing outstanding professional knowledge and skills in the educational fields.

Today YTU has 10 Faculties most of which are related to engineering, 2 Graduate Schools, 2 Vocational Schools, a School of Foreign Languages and more than 35,000 students.



The stages our university has passed through in its distinguished past are outlined below.Kondüktör Mekteb-i Âlisi/ The Conductors (Technicians) School of Higher Education(1911-1922) The Kondüktör Mekteb-i Âlisi/Conductors (Technicians) School of Higher Education was founded in 1911 in order to meet the “science officer” (known previously as conductors, and today as technicians) requirement of the Municipality Public Works Section. The school was modelled on the syllabus of the “Ecole de Conducteur” and was affiliated with the Ministry of Public Works. Enrolment began on 22 August 1911.


Nafia Fen Mektebi/The School of Public Works (1922-1937)

The school’s name was changed to Nafia Fen Mektebi/School of Public Works in 1922 and the duration of education was increased to 2,5 years in 1926 and 3 years in 1931.


The Istanbul Technical School (1937-1969)

Following the increase in public facilities and the requirement for technical services, Law No. 3074 published on 19 December 1936 which came into effect on 1 June 1937 ordered the closure of the Nafia Fen Mektebi and the establishment of the Technical School to supply workforce for the gap between technical officers and professional engineers. The school had a 2-year program for technical officers and a 4-year program for engineering and was given buildings, which are still in use today, from the Yıldız Palace annexes and moved here.

In the early period the school had construction and mechanical science departments educating students as technical officers and engineers. From the 1942-1943 semester on electricity and architecture departments were founded as part of the department of engineering. The Law dated 26 September 1941 on the transfer of the Istanbul School of Professional Engineers and the Technical School to the Ministry of Education transferred the school from the Ministry of Public Works to the Ministry of Education. The decree of the Ministry of National Education dated 7 June 1949 founded the Cartography and Land Survey Engineering Department and began education in the 1949-1950 semester as the first institution for engineers in Turkey in this field. In the 1951-1952 semester the department for the education of technicians was closed. In the 1959-1960 semester a department of specialization was opened at the Istanbul Technical School which awarded the titles of professional engineer and professional architect after a year’s study.


The Istanbul State Engineering and Architectural Academy Period (1969-1982)

The school was established as an autonomous higher education and research institution with Law no. 1184 of State Engineering and Architectural Academies published on 3 June 1969.

Law no. 1472 ruled for the closing of special vocational schools in 1971, and engineering schools were affiliated with the Istanbul State Engineering and Architectural Academy.


The Yıldız University Period (1982-1992)

The Istanbul State Engineering and Architectural Academy and affiliated schools of engineering and the related faculties and departments of the Kocaeli State Engineering and Architecture Academy and the Kocaeli Vocational School were merged to form Yıldız University with decree law no.41 dated 20 June 1982 and Law no. 2809 dated 30 March 1982 which accepted the decree law with changes.

The new university incorporated the departments of Science-Literature and Engineering, the Vocational School in Kocaeli, a Science Institute, a Social Sciences Institute and the Foreign Languages, Atatürk Principles and the History of Revolution, Turkish Language, Physical Education and Fine Arts departments affiliated with the Rectorate.


The Yıldız Technical University Period (1992-)

Law no. 3837 dated 3 July 1992 renamed our university Yıldız Technical University. The Engineering Faculty was divided into four faculties and restructured as the Electrical-Electronics, Construction,

Mechanical and Chemical-Metallurgy Faculties and also included the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences within its organization. The Kocaeli Faculty of Engineering and the Kocaeli Vocational School were released from our university to be restructured as Kocaeli University. Today our university has 9 Faculties, 2 Institutes, the Vocational School of Higher Education, the Vocational School for National Palaces and Historical Buildings, the Vocational School for Foreign Languages and more than 20.000 students.


Academic Infrastructure


YTU aims to be engaged with projects that stand for extra benefit in a peaceful ambiance led by a scientific approach with the company of all our internal and external stakeholders. Furthermore, we aim to set up a modern university which can challenge international universities in scientific, social and cultural aspects through the awareness that service to the university provides a service to the world.

YTU aims to catch up with an understanding of quality at the universal standards. In recent years we have exerted extra effort to become a modern university by setting up modern laboratories, research centers and TechnoPark. In this context, we are strongly convinced that we will doubtlessly contribute to the development of the country by handling social problems and trying to find solutions to them.

For information about Research and Application Centres at YTU please visit www.apry.yildiz.edu.tr.



YTU TechnoPark

YTU TechnoPark is a Technology Development Zone, where university, research institutions and industrial organisations work together on research and development activities creating innovative research solutions.

YTU TechnoPark is located at YTU Davutpasa Campus in Istanbul, currently the largest TecnoPark in Istanbul with 60,000 m2 indoor facilities within 8 buildings which offer exceptionally high quality office accommodation. Today TechnoPark hosts over 150 companies employing around 2000 research employees.

For detailed information please refer to http://www.yildizteknopark.com.tr/index.


International Students

YTU has placed the goal of being an international university at the very centre of its strategy and is going out of its way to bring it to its students and faculty. YTU offers you the best experience during your study at YTU and your stay in Istanbul.

International students of YTU in all programs benefit from an international experience, either by doing a semester exchange or a double degree in our partner school abroad, or by doing an international work placement. With an increasing number of international students at YTU, it is our pleasure welcoming you and helping you adjust to the life at YTU and in Istanbul.


Social Facilities

All kind of social and educational amenities are provided to students in our secure and contemporary campuses. Government dormitories in Davutpaşa campus or private dormitories in downtown are available for housing.

Affordable and healthy meals are served in our student dining halls. Beside these halls, faculty canteens, restaurants and cafes in our campuses are also at your service.

Social and cultural activities are organized by around 40 student clubs which are supported by the university administration in Yildiz Technical University. These student clubs offer more lively and pleasant university life for the participants.

Students can attend all cultural and art activities in our movie, theatre, concert and exhibition halls. Campus recreation facilities offer activities such as fitness, swimming, playing soccer and tennis.

You can watch movies within our campuses which are organized by the cinema club at the pocket cinema of our university. During the spring festival on our campuses you can feel the dynamic atmosphere with various singers and artists participating in it.