Where is Üsküdar  University?

Üsküdar, being one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul,  had been beautified by many architectural works  throughout Ottoman era. Üsküdar district in that period  was furnished with various remarkable  mosques and their precincts, hammams, fountains; and bank of the Bosphorus along Üsküdar was   full of palaces, yalis and mansions. Maiden’s Tower is one of the most exceptional buildings in this district.
Located at the very heart of the city,  transportation  to and from Üsküdar  via Marmaray, IDO Turyol and Sea Cabs from Üsküdar pier is quite easy.  Additionally, Boğaziçi Bridge via Metrobus or other vehicles is another transportation option with a spectacular Istanbul landscape ahead.
Üsküdar University campus ,  sitting at the center of transportation network of Üsküdar, offers her students  various  opportunities to enable them to study in a comfortable and safe physical setting .


About Üsküdar University

Üsküdar University, founded by IDER (Foundation of Human Values and Mental Health), embodies four faculties, one Vocational School of Health Services, three Institutes for Graduate studies, twelve Research and Application Centers.
Üsküdar University provides educational services in three campuses, Altunizade North and South Campus and Üsküdar Çarşı Campus.



Üsküdar University has 12 Research and Application centers and 30 research and development  lab in an indoor area of 1600 m2 .
Üsküdar University offers graduate, undergraduate and associate degree programs  to 2400 students with 176 faculty members.



We have a student dormitory  for female students as close as 200 meters to the main campus which has 26 rooms for 76 students. Other than the University’s dorm, there are other state and private dorms in walking distance.
All campuses are of smart buildings;  every single room has smart boards and connected to network. We have 100 mbit/s fiber  network. All classroom doors have LCD screens informing about the class, the instructor and students inside.
Students use hi-tech  computer labs for their courses. In the electronic library  students have access to various online sources with PC s and MACs.
Üsküdar University İbrahim Tarhan Library offers  our students and staff whatever they  need  with 20 000 printed and 8 electronic and 35 free-access online sources.
Nermin Tarhan  Hall, equipped with hi-tech systems, houses conferences, seminars and other academic programs while two other multi-purpose lounges covers smaller scale events or concurrent  sessions.
In 30 Students Clubs, Students enjoys cultural, sports activities practised.