It is located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.



Ufuk University, as a private university founded on 18. 12. 1999 as subjected to 2547 numbered Higher Education Institution legislation and having legal public entity, has been active since 2002 – 2003 Academic Year. It has 5 faculties, 1 ınstitute, 3 Vocational School, 1 English Language Preparatory Programme, 1 Education Cenre, 1 Dr. Rıdvan Ege Health Care Research and Application Hospital.



Ufuk University has 291 academic staff members (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor, Curriculum  Programmers, Research Assistant).

Balgat Campus: 48059 m2 (indoor), 14775 m2 (outdoor)

Inek Dr. Rıdvan Ege Campus: 52598 m2 (indoor), 42982 m2 (indoor)




There are school restaurants and canteens in Ufuk University. The price for meal is 6 Turkish Liras in 2013 – 2014 Academic Year.

You can eat your meals in our restaurants healthy and economically. Also, you can get your meal need in faculty canteens, restaurants,cafe and social facilities.

You can join to the students communities and groups which are nearly 40 you wish in our university and also join to the activities that are organized. Ufuk University presents you basketball and volleyball courts, fitness center, indoor swimming pools and football fields with indoor sports hall.


Dr. Rıdvan Ege İncek Campus has a dormitory, named "Dr. Muhittin Ülker Dormitory"



Foreign students;

            Are to apply for general health insurance in the first three months after the enrolment date in accordance with the 5510 numbered Social Security and General Health Insurance Law’s seventh clause of 60th article which states “Foreign students studying in our country are covered by general health insurance without seeking for the requirements stated in the second sentence of the second clause of the 52nd article and the (d) subclause of the first clause on the condition that they submit their application in the first three months after their enrolment. General health insurance propositions are not implemented for those who do not submit their legal demands in this period of time. They are to pay general health insurance charges designated according to the 30-day total of the one third of their minimum daily earnings depending on the premium set down with regards to the 82th article.” And the sixth clause of the 61st article which states “general health insurance is implemented for those in the scope of the seventh clause of 60th article who submit their legal demand from the following day of the application and the insurance lasts during the period of study. The general health insurance ends as a result of the reasons put forward in the forementioned Law.”

            Students can benefit from general health insurance by monthly paying General Health Insurance Premium for 2014 42,84 TL (Minimum 1071 TL / 3 = 357 TL x % 12) during their period of study.

            In compliance with the provisions of Ufuk University Associate and Undergraduate Degree Education and Examination Regulations and Ufuk University Student Health, Culture and Sports  Facilities, medical examination and treatment services for our students are carried out without any extra charge in Dr. Rıdvan Ege Medical Research and Application Hospital within the scope of general health insurance.