About us

This is a state university for those who plan their career on a long-term basis.

Situated in İstanbul, Turkish-German University is a state university which is subject to the regulations of Turkish Higher Education and was founded with regard to the agreement between Turkish Republic and The Federal Republic of Germany. The aim of its foundation is to integrate the most significant success and gains of Turkish and German higher education traditions and to contribute to the scientific, economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries. Turkish-German University defines itself as a research university in academic classification. Education at Turkish-German University is free of charge. Turkish-German University is a multilingual university. Education in undergraduate programs is mostly in German; in graduate programs it is in German or in English changing according to the needs. In the future, within the framework of the cooperation between the partner universities in Germany, it has been planned to give a German diploma along with a Turkish Diploma ( double-degree or joint-degree). Turkish-German University the campus of which is situated in İstanbul, Beykoz, started to give education in a few undergraduate and graduate programs in 2013-2014 Academic Year. It is not a must to be proficient in German in order to be accepted to Turkish-German University. There is a one-year language preparation class for those who are not competent enough in the German language. Students who are highly proficient in German (this is evaluated by an examination) may directly start education at their majors.