Tunceli University started its education with a Vocational School and 443 students in 2008 but it has developed very fast in a quite short time in terms of its academic staff and academic units. In 2014, the university has reached six faculties, one health school, three vocational schools, and five district programmes. And 2351 two-year degree students, 3851 bachelor students, 195 master students and 7 PhD students that is 6404  students at total study in our university now.

776 staff work in Tunceli University. 400 of these staff are academic personnel (5 professors, 18 Associate Professors, 78 Assistance Professors, 100 Lecturer, 165 Research Assistants, 30 Instructors and 4 Experts), 203 of these are administrative staff and 173 of these are service personnel.

There is a guesthouse for men and there are other institutions’ guesthouses for men and women and there are four stars hotels in Tunceli.

Our cafeteria with 1000 person capacity and our canteen with 600 person capacities serve for students and staff in Aktuluk Campus. Besides these, there are post Office, hairdressers for men and women and internet cafe in our Aktuluk Campus. There are also courts where the students can spend good time in our university.

Tunceli located in the east part of Turkey is surrounded by Munzur Mountains and Karasu River in the north and west; Bingöl Mountains and Peri River in the east and Keban Dam in the south. Its neighbours are Bingöl in the east; Elazığ in the south and Erzincan in the west and north.

It is possible to reach Tunceli via highway from İstanbul Ankara. And you can come to Tunceli by plane from the Elazığ’s airport which is 120km away from Tunceli. There are direct minibuses from the airport to Tunceli city centre.