Edirne is the window of Turkey to Europe, a rare city which shelters many cultures and the capital of an empire that spanned three continents.

You will come across with the Turkish culture which is circled with the friendliness of Trakya people in the city where our University was founded. Of course, delicious Trakya cuisine will fatten you a little bit; but do not be afraid you will overcome this problem with the sports facilities of our university. You will never have to stay at home in your spare time since the green spaces, artificial ponds and Karaağaç district which is famous for its natural beauty will be waiting for you in our city.

You will watch the sun set on the banks of Meriç and Tunca rivers. Edirne has a coast to the Gulf of Saros which is one of the five self-cleaning gulfs in the world and it will fascinate you with its natural beauty.

Edirne is nearly a museum city because of being a capital to an empire in the past. Edirne also hosts to “Selimiye Mosque” which is taken under protection by UNESCO. Yes, Edirne is waiting for you.

For the detailed information about Edirne, please visit: http://www.edirne.gov.tr/

Trakya University

Our University, which began education in 1982, continues with its 12 Faculties, 5 Institutes, 6 Graduate Schools, 10 Vocational High Schools and 1 Conservatory.

Trakya University was founded over a wide area in the city centre. Main Campus is named as Balkan Campus, and the other campuses are called Ayşe Kadın Campus, Karaağaç Campus, Kosovo Campus, and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Tarık Karadeniz Campus, İsmail Hakkı Tonguç Campus, Macedonia Campus and Sarayiçi Campus. There are also 6 Campuses founded in the districts of Edirne except from the centre.

Our University whose motto is “Learner-Centered University” gives education to nearly 45.000 students with over 30 years of knowledge and experience today.


Academic Structure

Our University which has 28 Application and Research Centers in its body, provides world-class quality education with its latest technology in the laboratories, classes and lecture rooms by 1604 teaching staffs who are experts and experienced in their own fields.

Furthermore, our University is one of 29 universities that won the “Diploma Supplement Label” in 2013 to facilitate the international mobility of students.


Social Facilities

Our university offers its students cultural, various social services, sports facilities and nutrition services. As well as the State Dormitory in our central campus, various private dormitories in the centre meet the sheltering needs of the students. If you do not choose the various food preferences in the Campus, you can eat table d’hôte lunch (very economical) three meals a day whose presentation is being made by the private firms.

Hundreds of events, concerts, theatres in spring festivals will be waiting for you every year. Is it only in the spring festivals? Of course not. You can get into one club among nearly 50 Student Communities and participate in the activities of those clubs. In the most beautiful periods of the year, you can enjoy from the Gulf of Saros in Enez Student Recreation and Education Facilities or you can relax in Recreational and Social Facilities Area by Meriç River. Our Semi-Olympic Swimming Pool and library which is the Founding Member of the Association of Balkan Library are also waiting for you.

As well as all of these features, our University tries to support its students financially. Within the scope of “We Support Our Students” Project, it provides unconditional financial support to our students who need economical support.