About Toros University

Toros University has been established officially on July 23, 2009, when its constitutional legislation had been published in the Official Newspaper.

Toros University is established by Mersin Education Foundation. Mersin Education Foundation owns and operates Toros schools located in Mersin and Tarsus. Mersin Education Foundation has been established by idealistic teachers and has a history of over 40 years.

Toros University aims to be an internationaly recognized university contributing to the shaping of the future with its strong academic staff and educational programs.

Toros University is a dynamic university aware of its responsibilities to serve to mankind and to the community. Toros University aims to contribute to sustainable development.

Toros University aims to educate its students in the areas and professions in demand in a modern society both in the local and the international labor markets.

The educational approach of Toros University can be summarized by the following: ‘Beyond Education Into the Life.'

Mission Statement of Toros University

‘to contribute to enrich of human values, to improve life of human kind and to design the future by education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship’

Toros University is committed to education, research and service to community.

Toros University aims to produce the work force of the future; to equip the young with continuous learning skills, critical thinking skills and a sense of local and global issues; to have them build the capacity for contributing scientific, technological and cultural innovations; to educate them as powerful supporters of human and ethical values.

Toros University emphasizes scientific collaboration, effective, innovative and continuous learning, global citizenship and inclusive culture in order to achieve its mission.

Toros University aims to graduate students that would be of high demand in the domestic and international labor markets, in the areas and professions in demand in the modern society.

Toros University aims to become the university of choice for selected research and graduate education areas.

Toros University aims to integrate with the society in selected areas of service to the community and to assume a leadership position in the society.

Toros University aims to be a leading university in the country, in the region and worldwide.

Vision Statement of Toros University

‘an internationnaly well known university that contributes to the design of the future’

Toros University aims to be an internationnaly recognised institution that contibutes to the shaping of the future.

 In order to reach this goal, Toros University

emphasizes selected academic fields and interdisciplinary areas,

aims to equip its students with knowledge, skills and experience necesssary to become the leaders in a constantly changing World with ever increasing interdependence,

aims to build an academic community composed of academics who share, collaborate, and are committed to openness,

emphasizes developing relations with the world class educational, research and cultural institutions.