Where is Şırnak University?

According to historic narrations and "Seyahatname", the book written by Katib Chelebi in the 17th century, the history of Şırnak goes back to the Big Flood. According to these narrations, while Cizre was built by Noah and his sons after the Flood for the second time, in order to avoid the extreme hot weather of Cizre, they built Şırnak as summery and pasture.

You are going to witness the history and be sated with culture. You're promised to have unforgettable days in this matchless city which takes its fresh and cool air from Eastern Anatolia and its culture from South-eastern Anatolia. For further information, please visit here. 

About Şırnak University

Our Mission

To generate knowledge and technology in a universal perspective; to use the generated knowledge and technology for the benefit and development of the region and the country; to lead the education and research activities improving the quality of life of society with a national and international understanding of cooperation and solidarity; to train researching, collaborative, inquisitive, analytical, entrepreneurial, cultured individuals having embraced lifelong learning concept with aesthetic values.

Our Vision

To be a respected innovative university adopting the understanding of quality and oriented to solving national and regional problems.


Şırnak University is a large family providing training in 11 academic units consisting of 4 faculties, 2 institutes, 1 academy and 4 vocational school with 3200 students, 200 academic and 150 administrative staff.

Social Opportunities

There is one student refectory  and canteen for each of Vocational School, Theology and Economics faculties.

Our university has 18 student clubs. Students can become a member of these clubs and participate in their activities, especially the social, cultural and sporting ones  of all kinds organized in the Spring Festival.

Students can use Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution's boys' dormitory in Aydinlikevler Quarter  and girls' dormitory in Yeni Quarter in the city centre, and the 5 stars Sehr-i Nuh Apart Hotel as well.