Where is Sinop University?

Sinop University is located in Sinop which is situated on the most northern edge of Turkey with its rich history and unique natural beauties. Thanks to the natural ports it has, Sinop has attracted and hosted many different civilizations throughout the history. Once upon a time, it was the land of legendary female warriors; Amazons and the Greek philosopher Diogenes but today, it is one of the most significant ports around the Black Sea.

Population of people living in urban areas is 38,459. Sinop is neighbors with Kastamonu in the east, Çorum in the south and Samsun in the southeast. In the north, it is surrounded by the Black Sea. Sinop has an oceanic climate; it is cool in winter and warm in summer. The hottest month of the year is August and the coldest month is February.

In Sinop, transportation system is provided by the minibuses and taxis. You can also go to most places in the city center on foot as well. Additionally, there is a flight available to İstanbul, every day. Bus services are available for travelling to other cities. While the bus terminal is located in the city center, the airport is only 8 km far from the city center. Transportation to the airport is provided by minibuses and taxis.

About Sinop University

Sinop University was founded in 2007, in Sinop which is considered to be a shining star in northern Turkey with its natural, historical and cultural wealth. Since its establishment, Sinop University has been serving its students and educators in 6 faculties, 2 schools, 2 graduate schools, 5 vocational schools and 5 implementation and research centers.

As a higher education institution, Sinop University’s main objectives are to obtain, produce and apply knowledge to contribute to our nation’s and humanity’s social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological progress, by raising individuals who are equipped with this knowledge. Sinop University aims to fulfil these goals by keeping the research and community services it performs at universal standards.

Academic Infrastructure

Sinop University aims to raise its students as individuals who respect and protect the humanistic and moral values and who are equipped with leadership skills. Sinop University believes that none of its students have to deal with financial difficulties to pursue their education; therefore it is always ready to support students financially.

Sinop University aims to answer students’ scientific, athletic, artistic and cultural needs by its experienced teaching staff, research and implementation facilities, fully equipped laboratories and classrooms, sport facilities and libraries.

Social Facilities

For accommodation, our students could choose from state dormitories which are close to the campuses or private dormitories. They could also rent a flat/house in the city center. Our students can also dine in university dining halls at convenient prices. Cafeterias are also available in every school and faculty buildings.