About Sakarya

One of Turkey's major cities with its rapid progress and improvement, Sakarya combines its natural beauty with ezhilarating cultural wealth. Sakarya is sarrounded by some of Turkey's most spectacular places with its sea, beaches, lakes, rivers, plateaus and thermal springs. This thriving town is home to some of the best heritage sites such as Taraklı and Geyve, including historical buildings and monuments of Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

For details of Sakarya: www.sakarya.gov.tr

About Sakarya University

The roots of Sakarya University go back to 1970, when School of Engineering and Architecture was opened. The school was transformed to Sakarya Government Architecture and Engineering Academy in 1971. It offered education as a faculty which was affiliated with İstanbul Technical University from 1982 to 1992. Then, the institution was turned into Sakarya University in 1992. 

Sakarya University is a government university established by Turkish Law No. 3837 dated July 3, 1992.

Why study at Sakarya University ?

Experienced academic staff including researchers and scholars who are qualified in their  fields, nationally and internationally.

Started Turkey’s first studies in “Quality Assurance in Higher Education”.

The first university to be certified TS EN ISO 9001:2001 ‘Quality Management Certification’ in the area of administrative sevices.

According to EFQM, Sakarya University is the first Higher Education Institution which won 'Supreme National Quality Prize' and  'Prize of Continuity in Perfection’.  

Cutting-edge facilities, including 24/7 open library, electronic databases, national and international periodicals.

Remarkable foundation, currently providing more than 200 students an opportunity to complete a part of their degree abroad through ‘Erasmus’ exchange program.

‘Farabi’ exchange program for those who want to undertake part of their study in different univversities of Turkey.

The students of Sakarya University can continue their academic life abroad at least one academic term and at most two academic terms via Mevlana exchange programme which does not make any geografic region distinction. 

With ‘dual Degree Program’ students earn two degrees and two diplomas are issued.

Students can enjoy studying in a welcoming campus environment with Sapanca Lake view and well-equipped teaching institutions.

The university is designed to offer students the best possible training and diverse opportunities as part of their academic development.

The students of Sakarya University at B.A., M.A. and pHd level are supported financially by Sakarya University for their theses which aim to solve the problems of the region and industry.

130 student societies cater for difeerent types of hobbies, from cultural to politic, social to sporting interests.

With a low cost of living, Sakarya is a cheap university for students.

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