History & General Information

        Osmaniye Vocational School which was firstly established  in a building that belongs to the Municipality of Osmaniye in 1976, interconnected to the Ministry of National Education, later in 04.11.1981, with the adoption of the 2547 numbered Higher Education law, it was affiliated to Çukurova University. Connected to Çukurova University, Osmaniye Vocational School gained current campus area, Fakıuşağı Village, which is 5km away from the city center, through an allocation by Treasury on December 22, 1984.

        As a result of an application containing the development of the campus area and state of the physical facilities, Faculty of Engineering, affiliating to Çukurova University has been established on June 23, 2006 with the 2006/10546 numbered Council of Ministers Decision which has been published in the 26207 numbered Official Gazette. 

         Osmaniye Korkut Ata University was established by the Annex 84 of the Law No. 5662 published and entered in force in the 29 May 2007 dated and 26536 numbered Official Gazette. The university is the first and only university in Osmaniye. There are about 9000 students participating in a variety of programs taught at 5 faculties, 2 institutes, 5 vocational schools and 3 colleges.


Karacaoğlan Campus

        The units of Osmaniye Korkut Ata University are in Karacaoğlan main campus located in Osmaniye Fakıuşagı Village and campuses located in Kadirli, Bahçe, Düziçi and Erzin districts. Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Letters, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Architecture Design and Fine Arts, Faculty of Theology, Institute of Applied Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences, Health College, School of Foreign Languages and Osmaniye Vocational School are situated in the main campus; Kadirli, Bahçe, Düziçi and Erzin Vocational High Schools are located in the districts. There is also a Applied Sciences College in Kadirli district.



       The mission of Osmaniye Korkut Ata University is to train qualified human resources who are sensitive to basic values of our country, and self-confident with the spirit of continuous development leadership, to improve the level of satisfaction of academic and administrative staff, to foster economic, cultural and social richness of the city, the region and the country by means of education, scientific researches, publication and consulting services.


       The vision of Osmaniye Korkut Ata University is to become a pioneer in competing on the international domains and to enable university-industry-society cooperation continuously with qualified-human resources.