Ondokuz Mayıs University

History and Location:

Ondokuz Mayıs University is a modern state local university founded in 1975. Its main campus (Kurupelit) is located in Samsun, a city with an international harbor in the North of Turkey on the coast of the Black Sea. It has faculties and schools spread across Samsun and 6 counties.

Kurupelit Campus is situated on a land of 10,000 acres with a view of the Black Sea on the one side and a view of the nationally famous Kocadag Mountain on the other side, which is well known for its national yearly walks.

The University’s first and largest faculty, the Faculty of Medicine, is also a university hospital. Similarly, the Faculty of Dentistry is a Dental Hospital. Serving the inhabitants of the entire Black Sea region, both faculties provide treatment in all areas of health and dental care.

Ondokuz Mayis gives great importance to science, education and research and takes place amongst the significant and large universities of Turkey. The University also aims to satisfy all the needs of a student in terms of professional training and other social needs; such as accommodation, health service, nutrition, cultural, social and sport activities etc.

Ondokuz Mayıs University serves with 15 faculties, five graduate schools for post-graduate study, eleven vocational schools, three schools and one conservatoire.

Undergraduate Programs






Postgraduate Programs


Please check: http://ebs.omu.edu.tr/ebs/?dil=en&mod=2 and http://ebs.omu.edu.tr/ebs/?dil=en&mod=3 for detailed information



International Relations

International Relations Office (IRO) is one of the Offices established by the Ondokuz Mayis Rectorship in the Fall Semester of 2001 within the scope of the processes of the EU accession period of Turkey, internationalization process of our university and the establishment of contemporary and rationalistic work and management forms. With a specialized administrative structure, The Office works in tandem with the Rectorship and is a directly attached organizational unit. Following offices work under the umbrella of IRO:


Admissions Criteria for Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Foreign students for full degree

Recently, the universities have the right for selection of foreign students into themselves. The admission criteria have to be approved by Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK). The University arranges an examination called Ondokuz Mayıs University International Students Entrance Examination (OMU-ISE) every year. The examination is only for those applicants to enroll in undergraduate (first cycle) programmes. The first condition for those wishing to take OMU-ISE is having another nationality other than Turkey (stateless persons and refugees can also apply). Secondly, they must be in the last year of secondary education or have successfully completed secondary education. In addition to OMU-ISE organized each year, the students are accepted to the undergraduate programmes according to the score of one of the international exams determined by the Senate.

The international candidates may apply to graduate studies at master or doctorate levels. Applications to graduate programs are processed by Graduate Schools. There are minimum requirements for application to different departments.

Exchange students:

Exchange students are accepted to Ondokuz Mayıs University in the framework of the current agreements between the OMU and applicant students' university to study at Ondokuz Mayıs University as an exchange student. The exchange students can enroll in the courses offered at Ondokuz Mayıs University and study one- or two-semester.

Application procedure for exchange students is administered through the International Relations Office. Detailed information such as related year’s deadline, update news and contact persons can be found here.

Annual Tuition Fee

Please check:  http://international-en.omu.edu.tr/uploads/documents/catalog.pdf