Where is Nuh Naci Yazgan University?

Our university is in Kayseri which is one of the student cities with 4 universities in Turkey. Kayseri is 320 km far away from Ankara and 770 km from Istanbul. One can prefer a train, a plane or a bus in intercity transportation to come to Kayseri. There are several flights a day to Turkey's top quality air transport hub, Istanbul. Kayseri is connected to the rest of the country by rail and bus service. As the city is located in central Turkey, transportation via cars and buses is extremely easy. Reaching to Ankara is approximately 3 hours, reaching to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is approximately 3 hours, and reaching to Cappadocia takes approximately 45 minutes. Transportation within the city is provided with mostly buses, personal vehicles and a tram which is a light rail system called KAYSERAY. The university campus can be reached by services and public buses which are every half an hour from the city center.
The city of Kayseri is a modern city with its rich historical heritage which should be visited Turkey’s one of the major ski resorts, Mount Erciyes ski resort is in the city of Kayseri. Erciyes ski resort is a place which is a must-see wonderland in winter sports and tourism. Kayseri is adjacent to Cappadocia which has a unique divine nature. Cappadocia is particularly defined by the fairy chimneys and its unique historical and cultural heritage.
For detailed information on Kayseri: www.kayseri.gov.tr  

About Nuh Naci Yazgan University

Founded by Kayseri Higher Education and Relief Foundation in 2009, Nuh Naci Yazgan University is composed of four Faculties and one Institute. Our university is located in the city center and offers qualified and modern educational facilities to its students.
Our university has the Extended Erasmus University Charter. As part of its mission, NNY University is determined to improve excellence in teaching and research and hopes to establish strong ties with the European and world's leading research institutions. NNY University is currently using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) which is compatible with the other EU universities and envisaged in the Bologna harmony.
Starting from this point, by providing a wider variety of international academic experience to the students and academic staff, taking a stronger position among the other Turkish universities is the top priority of Nuh Naci Yazgan University. 

Academic Background

All the laboratories in the units, workshops, and studios are equipped with the most advanced devices and all kinds of tools and materials that are required for the application in education are provided.

Social Opportunities

Providing residential accommodation for the students outside the city is one of the priorities of our University. The aim of the University is to protect the chosen student population from the hardships of the city and make them enjoy the advantages of living on the campus 24 hours a day. Each room has a bathroom and toilet, internet connection, bed, wardrobe, chair, bookcase, and a fridge and a hot water bath is available for students. A total of 300 students can reside in the modern dormitories of Nuh Naci Yazgan University.
NNY University campus restaurant and cafe reflects modern trends and contemporary cuisine and assures to provide fresh, healthy, and nutritious meals. The cafeteria is a place where NNY University students communicate, eat, and have fun with their friends.
Within the boundaries of the university, the student life is rich and it is diversified with activities. These activities address to almost all the abilities and interests. All students are encouraged to attend these events which are mainly organized by various Student Clubs.
The University supports Student Clubs, art and sports activities to complete and enrich the academic life with an active campus life and provides accommodation and  food services. In addition to these, outstanding athletic and recreational facilities are welcome to all the family members of NNY University. The Fitness Center with a capacity of 600 people, has a main hall that is used for basketball and volleyball games.