Konya is located in the heartland of Anatolia where many ancient civilizations have flourished since times immemorial. As a historical city, it hosts various old archeological sites such as Çatalhöyük (Neolithic and Chalcolithic proto-city settlement) and magnificent monuments from the ancient to the Seljukid and Ottoman civilizations. Geographically, Konya is situated at a very convenient location that allows easy access to the famous fairy chimneys in Nevşehir and the naturally beautiful touristic and exotic Mediterranean coast. Because of its strategic place as such, it has served throughout the history as a focal point on the Silk Road.  

 At the same time, Konya has been the birthplace of intellectual cultures and spiritual traditions such as Mawlana Jalal ad-Din Muhammad, well-known in the West as Rumi, a very prominent Sufi thinker and famous poet (d.1273), whose teaching fosters  respect and compassion among humanity and love of God as  inspiration for today's multi-cultural societies.

As a vibrant city of love and tolerance, the city is visited every year by thousands of tourists from all around the world. With a population of 1.2 million people, Konya has a strong industrial and production infrastructure, and its municipality offers students numerous services and activities.




Necmetin Erbakan University, though a newly established state university in 2010, with 14 Faculties, 4 Colleges, 4 Institutes, 13 Research Centers and a state musical conservatory, is privileged of housing three oldest higher educational institutions in Konya; Ahmet Keleşoğlu Faculty of Education (in operation for 52 years), the Faculty of Theology (celebrating its 50th anniversary), and Meram Faculty of Medicine (in service since 1984).

The University provides ample learning, teaching and research opportunities for both students and academics and also offers a full range of degrees in the areas of humanities, social, health, education, and engineering sciences. In addition to its main Campus at the city center and the other buildings scattered around the city, the University has also two more premises located in the towns of Ereğli and Seydişehir.

The main Köyceğiz Campus (under construction), situated on a hilltop in Meram, the most pleasant greenery district of Konya, overlooks the whole city with an exceptionally beautiful view. Currently, the aforementioned three oldest faculties enjoy offering services to their students in their respective campuses that are located at various areas in Meram. All the campuses furnish all kinds of services and facilities for students and staff. 




The University aims to become an international reference point in bringing out and spreading original and sound knowledge, in a corporate culture of freedom, which is participatory, respectful for diversity and with innovative, pioneering and trendsetting style in the field of research and education, based on the principle of being sensitive to the needs of its stakeholders.




To train productive, innovative and with critical thinking skills individuals who address the scientific ethics and universal values within the local context by giving priority to the use of mankind and environment, highlighting the interdisciplinary studies, structuring relations with international organizations and institutions, strengthening the relations between the industry and service sectors by arranging various projects and activities.