MSU is one of the 17 new universities which were established as per law numbered 5662 and issued in Official Journal dated May 29, 2007. It carries on its activities with six faculties - Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Communucation, Faculty of  Engineering and  Architecture and Faculty of Theology, two institutes - Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Natural Sciences - one School of Health Sciences and two vocational schools(within the scope of Law numbered 5662).

The mission of MSU is to train individuals who think scientifically, use technology, search and produce, who are sensitive to problems in society, respectful of human and moral values and who possess adequate professional knowledge and skills.

The vision of MSU is to become a leading university at national and international arena with its high quality education and professionally trained, well-equipped individuals. It aims to foster university society cooperation by being integrated to all sectors of society, to contribute to the technological and cultural life in the region and the country and to become a modern university possessing universal values.

The following institutional values constitute the basis for all activities at Muş Alparslan University: