Where is Mustafa Kemal University (MKU) ?

MKU is located in Hatay witnessing every part of the history, being a place of having four seasons together, having a special geographical position and an extraordinary taste. MKU embraces our valuable young generation to live, eternize and reflect the cultural prosperity of Hatay.

Hatay, one of the oldest centres of population, has the soul of a living museum. We invite you to get around the Independence Avenue (Kurtuluş Caddesi) which is the first illuminated street in the world and the oldest street in the old part of Antakya.  You can also enjoy a long and plesant walking by Asi Nehri while you visit the historical and famous Uzun Çarşı (Bazaar).

For more information about Hatay: http://www.hatay.gov.tr

Habib-i Najjar Mosque, the first mosque of Anatolia, and St.Pierre Church, one of the  first places of worship ofthe Christianity and  considered as a place of pilgrimage, reflect the multicultural and historical soul of the city.   Hatay, a city of three divine religions, has a tolerant and respectful atmosphere; therefore, the city has been declared as Capital of Peace by UNESCO.  

Due to its warm climate conditions Hatay is a more advantageous city than any other cold city. You can enjoy the opportunity of eating fresh vegetables and fruits during the whole year thanks to its fruitful soil and climate conditions. During summers it is very relaxing to swim under the clear sky in Samandağ which has one of the longest coasts of the world.


About Mustafa Kemal University

MKU, founded under the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s principles and reforms in 1992, continues to pursue its goals without giving compromising of its modern science and tolerance principles.   

MKU offers education with 55 bachelor’s degree diploma programs of 15 faculties, 6 Schools and 1 Conservatory.

MKU also has 18 Vocational Schools with 70 associate’s degree diploma programs in the fields of Basic Science and Engineering Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences, Sports and Arts etc. Moreover, with its 3 Graduate Schools, MKU offer the graduate and doctorate education in 43 different diploma programs.  

MKU, one of the very few universities holding both ECTS and DS Labels, aims to give education in accordance with the European standards.

Today MKU continues to its academic life with 1 Research and Application Hospital, 22 Research Centers and 2094 determined, hardworking and tolerant staff including 1154 academic staff and 940 administrative staff.   35,600 MKU students  study in a respectful, tolerant and safe environment of MKU.    

For more information about MKU: http://www.mku.edu.tr

The Social Facilities at Mustafa Kemal University

You can accommodate in the private and state dormitories which are only 8-10 km away from the main campus. Moreover, there are also some student flats near the main campus, which is very advantageous for making transportation cheaper.  And new dorms will be ready in 2014-2015 academic year and the next year.

You can join in any of the more than 30 student clubs and attend the social activities of the clubs. Furthermore, you have the chance of doing any type of sports thanks to 1 Indoor Sports Hall, 3 Outdoor Tennis Courts, 1 Astroturf, Fitness Center, Gymnasium, 2 Saunas, 2 Swimming Pools, Beach Volleyball Pitch and Basketball Court.   

You can have lunch and dinner in the university dining hall as well as restaurants and cafes in the MKU Bazaar Complex. It will be very exciting for you to listen the live song performances of students while you have lunch or dinner.  Also a new shopping center will be ready in near future.

As for financial aids, MKU provides financial aids to the  successful students who have financial problems thanks to the budget given by Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution of Prime Ministry. Moreover, MKU Rectorate also gives scholarships to a certain number of students.