Where is Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University?

It is in Turkey’s biggest and most populated city, İstanbul. İstanbul is the heart of commercial, historical and cultural activities of Turkey. Unlike any city in the world, it is split between Europe and Asia, and situated in both sides with beautiful blue Bosphorus strait in-between.

While wandering across its narrow streets, you would smell the ancient history. As the capital of two great powers in the World History, İstanbul is hosting the great and beautiful relics of Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

Now, with its booming industry and population, it is no way easy to catch the speed but enjoy every moment of it. It is a 24 hours living city offering a lot of opportunities and activities to its visitors and inhabitants.

About Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

Founded in 1882, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University is located in the European side of İstanbul. It has various buildings scattered around the city. The Rectorate, the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Architecture, the Institute of Social Sciences, the Institute of Science and Technology, the Research and Application Centers, the Auditorium and the Art Gallery are located in the main building of the university in Fındıklı. The Faculty of Sciences and Letters, the Department of Modern Dance and Vocational Colleges are in Bomonti. The State Conservatory is in Akaretler; the Cinema-Television Center is in Balmumcu; the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts is in Salıpazarı; the İstanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum is in the Heir’s Suits of the Dolmabahçe Palace and Antrepo 5 in Salıpazarı. The Rectorate Research Center is in Gümüşdere, Kilyos. The university also runs one museum and one art and culture center which are situated very close to the main campus.

It hosts more than seven thousand students and it keeps accepting more students who are into arts, science and letters. Especially, when it is about arts, the first university which comes into mind in Turkey is Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. We would recommend you not to miss the opportunity to spend your education in Turkey in a place by Bosphorus and in a very historical building with a great sightseeing and aesthetic environment.

Academic Infrastructure

There are 592 instructors along with 411 administrative staff in total at the university, which is valid as of 2014. The university offers most advanced studios and laboratories to the usage of all faculties. However, especially in units where arts are taught in practice, there are application ateliers oriented uniquely to specific fields of teaching. Laboratories for research studies and courses are located within related departments or faculties.

In addition, Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture, which was founded in 1937, is quite unique. It is the only one of its kind in Turkey. The museum collection consists of a total of 12.000 pieces. The collection covers a period starting from mid-19th century to the present important works of Turkish art. World-known artists such as Bonnard, Derain, Levy, Marquet, Picasso, Utrillo and Vlamink’s works contribute to the uniqueness of the collection. The Tophane-i Amire is calculated to have been built around 1453-1470. The building restored by our university has been in use as an art and culture center since 1998. There is an Auditorium in the main building of our university that caters an audience of 500 and a conference hall of a capacity of 150 persons. The Auditorium is aid-visually fully equipped. The Cinema Theatre of the Cinema-Tv Center located at Balmumcu is used mainly for film showings.

The Mimar Sinan and the Osman Hamdi Halls are in the Main Buildings in Fındıklı. And also there are two performance and one exhibition halls in Bomonti Campus.

Finally, the universities’ main library and the departments’ or faculties’ libraries are at disposal of students, and you will definitely enjoy studying at the main library which has a beautiful sightseeing.

Social Facilities

The university has a dormitory in Ortaköy. The students can stay either in dormitory or in private or public boarding houses. The city also offers lots of different options for the exchange students or inhabitants.

You can have your lunch at cafeteria where food is prepared by the university’s personnel and served to the students or you can have fast food at canteens.

Both the Rectorate and the departments organize many activities each month. These can be conferences, seminars, festivals or concerts. You will be centered by the magnificent and breathtaking exhibitions very often while studying the inspirational and motivational courses at the university.

 As for student clubs, there are at least fifty clubs running under the roof of the university. There are various activities organized in each, or you can enjoy the social environment the city offers. As said earlier, the life in İstanbul never ends.

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