International student application for 2014-2015 Academic Year has begun as of 01.06.2014. Application will be made till 11.07.2014. For detail information click http://iso.mehmetakif.edu.tr/default.aspx


About Mehmet Akif Ersoy University

You will jazz up your education life by becoming Mehmet Akif Ersoy University’s student which is located in West Mediterranean Region with a rich archaeological potential, safe, calm country life and cultural activities. Also you can benefit from the advantages being offered by 6 Faculties, 4 Institutes, 6 High Schools, 10 Vocational Schools, Research and Application Center and departments connected to the Rectorate.

You can accommodate in modern dormitories of our university, benefit from hygienic food services and use safe transportation systems.

Mehmet Akif Ersoy University is a student-centered university with its curriculums which aim to train students as individuals with high knowledge and skills, modern assessment and evaluation standards, part-time employment opportunities, student groups established for social-cultural, artistic and sport purposes.

When this structural abundance and all these activities come together, you will have a remarkable university life.

Academic Infrastructure

You can benefit from the advantages being offered by our university’s Research and Application Center and departments connected to the Rectorate. Also, you can benefit from our university’s Library which meets the demands of changing and developing educational activities. You will get a chance to access 40 thousands books, more than 30 thousands electronic magazines and electronic books more than 60 thousands.

Rate of internet usage is very high at our university. It is free, unlimited and you can have this wireless service from your personal computer anytime anywhere within campus.   

Social Facilities

Gymnasium, fitness, football fields, tennis courts, open doors football and basketball fields will be waiting for you when you become a student at our university which makes a name with the  interuniversity successes of our football, basketball, volleyball, handball, taekwondo, judo, wrestling, athleticism and cross teams.

Our university gives its students opportunity to work in the university  units for the purpose of providing an economic asisstance and helping its students who would like to have recreational activities in their leisure times. The students who are employed in the units available to work  both have change to work in an environment releted to the field they  study in and to maintain their lives in  more comfortable conditions with the occupational skills and the wage they get.

As well as managing  health services, counselling services, social services, facilities and sport fields, Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports supports our students’ cultural facilities at the same time.

The aim of our cultural facilities is to provide our students to have recreational activities in their leisure times when they are out of classroom, help them to gain a  habit of having fun, to encourage them to participate in cultural and artistic facilities and help them strenghten their sense of art.

Science Fest:  Science festival held by our university on May annually aims to show science to people from different perspectives especially to introduce the science to the new generations better and help them  become interested in science more.

Spring Fest: Spring fest is organized at our university on May annually. In the fest where  different singers take the stage in the concert hall, students and local people have enjoyable times. During the fest, shows presented by the student clubs and students in academic units make the fest more colorful.

You have  lots of reasons to be a member of Mehmet Akif Ersoy University family by join the academic units of our university providing an education in a  secure, quite and peaceful town with social and cultural facilities which will make your study more colorful and fun.