MEF University

MEF University is a non-profit foundation university located in Istanbul known for its international outlook, high academic standards, dynamic and accessible management approach and enviromental-conscious approach in creating its physical infrastructure. MEF University responds to the requirements of the current century with its state-of-art academic programs and innovative student-centered teaching methods. 

The mission of MEF University is to greduate internationally competitive, forward-thinking students and to bring together research-oriented, leading scholars who will make globally significant contribution to science and technology. 

At the pedagogical side, MEF University will be the first university globally to use the technology-enhanced Flipped Classroom method across the university.

MEF University is a continuation MEF Educational Institutions, which have been the benchmark of quality in primary and secondary education in Turkey since the 1970s. MEF University was established by the Ibrahim Arikan Education and Scientific Research Foundation with the aim to carry on this success at the tertiary level.